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Lion Air jet smashes into a lamp post, a week after one of the carrier's planes crashed into the sea off of Indonesia


A Lion Air plane has smashed into an lamp post before take-off just a week after one of the airline's jets crashed in Indonesia killing 189 people.


The Boeing 737-900 plane was on its way to the runway at Fatmawati airport in Bengkulu, Indonesia, when its left wing collided with a metal post.


The collision on Wednesday evening damaged the wing, leaving a fragment dangling in the air, forcing those on board back to the airport.



The passengers on the JT-633 flight to Jakarta were moved to a second plane and arrived four hours late at 11.50pm.


An Indonesian official said the plane and pilots have been grounded while the crash is investigated.


'The aircraft nudged the pole while travelling to the runway,' said Pramintohadi Sukarno of the Ministry of Transportation.

'We have instructed Kabandara to ensure that airlines fulfil their obligations in accordance with the provisions by providing compensation for late flights to passengers.'



Lion Air has apologised to customers, saying: 'The Boeing 737-900ER registered PK-LGY which was due to take off at 18.20 from Bengkulu, the departure was cancelled.

'When the plane was moving towards the runway, the wingtips knocked over the airport's parking lot pole, which broke.


'The aircraft was controlled by a pilot with guidance and instructions as well as signs given by Aircraft Movement Control (AMC) officers.

'The AMC officer is a person from the airport management and is being examined by the relevant party.


'JT-633 flights carry seven flight crew and 143 passengers. They have departed using a different aircraft registration PK-LHM.

'The aircraft took off at 22.48 West Indonesia Time from Bengkulu and landed at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport at 23:50.'


The Lion Air jet in the fatal crash crashed just minutes after take-off from Jakarta on Monday, October 29, killing all 189 people on board.


Indonesia’s search and rescue agency on Wednesday extended the search effort for a second time, saying it will continue until Sunday.


Body parts are still being recovered and searchers continue to hunt for the cockpit voice recorder.




譯文來源:三泰虎 http://www.fjstf.live/46466.html   譯者:Jessica.Wu


eeian, Macau, Hong Kong, 1 hour ago

Need a lion's heart to go on this airline.



EL James, Austin, United States, 1 hour ago

Note.... cancel Lion Air ticket tomorrow morning.



mia, florida, 4 hours ago

Maybe they are not able to learn and fly safely 100%.



Gman1510, Essington , United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

Did they obtain their licence from LegoLand Windsor ?



Airscotia, York, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

Boeing 737-900ER DM.



Paul, MWVNH, United States, 10 hours ago

Maybe they should try using pilots....



Wild Bill, Wodonga, Australia, 11 hours ago

Don't ever fly these cheap airlines. I flew Air Asia once from Bangkok to Singapore......never again. Old ladies that paid extra sitting near the emergency exit (they would never been able to get the door out) and despite numerous calls to shut down phones people were happily using phones and tablets in take off. Once but never ever again



von Rooties, Vancouver, United States, 12 hours ago

Have these Lion Air guys ever taken any flight training?



seeUS1984, On the edge of forever, United States, 12 hours ago

Wouldn't the solution be to paint a line on the runway to line up with, so not to hit objects with the wings?



Your Grandfather, Portland, United States, 13 hours ago

Not an airline I would travel with...



JT123, Chicago, United States, 14 hours ago

All the comments here might be true regarding pilots with little experience, but i have been to many many airports and while taxiing around to and from runways, there are NO lightpoles anywhere close to taxiways. All the lights are on the ground or if there is a pole, its far away so that this doesnt happen. My thoughts are that pole will be gone tomorrow.



LandRover628, Manila, Philippines, 15 hours ago

I'm afraid this new airline with a fleet of brand new airplanes are being flown by newly minted with zero-hour experience pilots.



Bigskyguy76, Bozeman, United States, 16 hours ago

This airline will soon be for sale



sucaaa, USA, Italy, 16 hours ago

I took lion air once...the seats are small af



YoureWrongImRight, Truthville, United States, 16 hours ago

Who let the first timer sit in the pilot's seat?



Tom B, Springfield Ohio, United States, 16 hours ago

Think I would stick with Singapore Airlines.



ImeanwhatIsay, Shangri-la, United States, 17 hours ago

Looks like they need more trained and experienced personnel to fly modern aircrafts



Cairene1, London, 18 hours ago

You get what you pay for. Low cost airline, low cost pilot training, low cost maintenance.....



nile, Sydney, Australia, 18 hours ago

Just another day in indonesia with lion air



Sarcouf, St Lo, France, 18 hours ago

Clearly it's an aircraft design flaw. Nothing to do with the 1-eyed pilot or krappy maintenance.



gray wolf, Midwest, United States, 18 hours ago

Many commenters on another site are saying Lion Air's pilots are poorly trained. To save money, they are not trained on a simulator but simply observe a pilot flying, as a 'trainee' co-pilot.. Numerous commenters stated the earlier crash was not due to the instrument failure but to pilot error. I suspect the same is true here. Thought for the day: before you decide to fly with one of these airlines, you might like to check out how well their pilots are trained.



Cooper, Cambridge, 18 hours ago

Very unfair to make such a link between the two. One was a fatal accident, the cause of which is as yet unknown and the other is pilot/groundstaff error. After all the post didn't suddenly change position.



Dave, London, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

I rekon Boeing really regret selling them planes now



Dale Boy, York, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

My wife is Indonesian and when we travel back to Indonesia she will never allow us to travel with Lion Air.



simbolon, jakarta, Indonesia, 19 hours ago

Might be woman driver



Bugsy, Malaga, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

Whoops! Let's turn the plane around and smash the other wing so that they match.



Grumpyoldtrout, Bristol, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

They put lampposts in daft places don't they.


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