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 'Drop everything, evacuate immediately. The plane will explode': Passengers scramble to safety after flight from China to LA is forced to make emergency landing in Russia



Passengers on a plane from Beijing to Los Angeles were ordered to immediately evacuate amid fears it would 'explode' after a dramatic emergency landing in sub-Arctic Russia.


The cabin was said to be full of 'screams and panic' over a suspected fire in the baggage hold on the Air China Boeing 777.


'The cabin is full of screams and panic and the flight attendant is doing her best to maintain order.'


The passenger said there was terror on the flight as it made the emergency landing in Anadyr - capital of Chukotka - Russia's easternmost town where the temperature was reported as -4F (-20C).


One video showed terror-stricken passengers rushing to escape.


The Chinese crew immediately sought a landing in the nearest airport, Anadyr.


'The passengers had planned dinner in Hollywood but instead founded themselves stuck on the floor in one of the bleakest towns in the world,' said one comment.


Pictures showed passengers huddling on the tarmac and later lying on the floor in the small airport terminal in Anadyr, population 15,500.


An air safety official said: 'The evacuation of passengers was carried out by inflatable chutes. 。


Deputy Governor Leonid Nikolayev said: 'All passengers were accommodated in the international flight zone and the airport VIP-hall. They are provided with food and drink. There are doctors on the spot.'


No injuries were reported.



譯文來源:三泰虎 http://www.fjstf.live/47164.html    譯者:Jessica.Wu


Genesis Carmona, Geneva, Switzerland, 1 day ago

This newspaper is absolute trash



cheeky Monkey, London, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Another Boeing plane... China should buy Airbus... So much safer.



Mackshu, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

No mention of the man taking his suitcase out of the overhead bin which would surely cause delay to others and risk damaging the inflatable slide



cb2k, Kihei, United States, 2 days ago

The real danger was hypothermia.



Unique username, Somewhere, United States, 2 days ago

The last time this happened didn't the Russians shoot the plane down (Korean Airlines Flight 007)?



JimmyJam, Alaska USA, 2 days ago

Chinese fire drill.



Nostrilhair, None, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

China Airlines is not Air China. China Eastern are pretty good btw

China Airlines(中華航空)和Air China(中國國航)不是一家公司。順便說一句,東方航空相當不錯


Julia H, Calgary, Canada, 2 days ago

That would have been terrifying.



What else is new, No Where, United States, 2 days ago

Also lost my luggage. showed up in the US 3 days later.



What else is new, No Where, United States, 2 days ago

A horrible airline. Will never fly it gain.



softwarengineer, Seattle, United States, 2 days ago

Boeing Seattle Outsourced Most of the Manufacturing Engineering to Japan How can the American Safety Engineering FAA audit Japanese engineering drawings...tea leaves? its gonna get worse folks, Airbus outsources too...



Madinthehead1, Paris, France, 2 days ago

People opening the lockers and grabbing their bags, disgusting behaviour, putting a bag before their lives and others lives, plane makers should build a locking system in overhead luggage compartments



Robert Benjamin, seattle, United States, 2 days ago

I'm somewhat confused. If there was "no confirmation" of a fire, WTF is allo the smoke in the video coming from?



Matt, Here and there., Germany, 2 days ago

The plane might explode..........But I will stand next to it and film everyone coming down the slide......lol



DaddyPhantom, Sacramento, United States, 2 days ago

"Drop everything... except your cell phone!"



  1. Breitbart, Portland, United States, 2 days ago

I would like to personally punch that guy in the face grabbing his luggage....In a real emergency, he very well could have cost the lives of passengers seated behind me. Should be arrested and 30 days in jail....



Immanuel Kant, Dortmund, Germany, 2 days ago

Fly European build AIRBUS next time. The better aircraft in all aspects of safety.


Yes4No, Atlantic City, United States, 2 days ago

well if there is a fire in the luggage compartment, it does not matter what you fly



NosCouleurs, Tokyo, Japan, 2 days ago

The bloke grabbing his suitcase before he runs off is definitely from the Mainland



its me zee, somewhere only zee knows, South Africa, 2 days ago

What the heck was so important in that luggage! FOOL!!!

那個行李箱里到底有什么貴重物品! 傻瓜! ! !


ExpatHere, TheSwamp, United States, 2 days ago

And there they go trying to pull luggage down from overheads as everyone runs for their lives......



Redhead, Costa Blanca, Spain, 2 days ago

I would rather jump down a shute for a false alarm,,,than sit and wait 90 seconds to confirm if it's a real emergency or not ....SAFETY FIRST



Maryjanethorpe, Dublin, Ireland, 2 days ago

Glad to see that the majority of the passengers were able to follow instructions and leave personal belongings onboard. 90 seconds is time it should take to evacuate an aircraft.


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