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 China's growing presence in Indian Ocean a challenge for India: Navy chief Lanba



LONDON: China's growing presence in the northern part of the Indian Ocean is a challenge for India but New Delhi is keeping a close eye on the deployment of Chinese ships and submarines in the region, Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba has said.


Admiral Lanba, who is on a four-day visit to Britain, also said that no nation has invested as much as China in shipbuilding.


The growing presence of the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean where it already acquired a logistic base at Djibouti has aroused concerns in India besides acquisition of the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka on a 99-year lease.


China has maritime disputes in the East China Sea with Japan and, stakes claim on 90 per cent of the South China Sea, where Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have counter claims.


"No nation has invested as much as China in shipbuilding. It is a challenge; we keep a close eye on their presence and deployments ... it is here to stay," he said during a conversation at the Institute of Strategic Studies here on Wednesday.


Admiral Lanba described China's growing presence in the Indian Ocean as a challenge on which India is keeping a close eye.


He referred to the presence of an estimated six to eight Chinese naval ships in the northern part of the Indian Ocean at any given time as well as submarines.


Admiral Lanba, during a discussion on 'Maritime strategy and its contribution to the Indo-Pacific and global commons', said India sees "no post-Brexit challenges" but only opportunities for greater synergies with the UK in naval cooperation.


"Over the years, our multi-faceted bilateral relations have grown from strength to strength to a sustained and mutually beneficial friendship. We have a common perspective on maritime challenges and agree to developing a cooperative framework to face them," Lanba said.

"The maritime bonds between our two countries have been further cemented to a deepening defence cooperation. Konkan, the bilateral naval exercise, is the cornerstone of our maritime cooperation and the UK has been a preferred port of call whenever we operate in the northern Atlantic," he said, adding that one of India's ships will head to the UK later this year to participate in the Konkan 19 exercise.

蘭巴稱“多年來,兩國各領域的雙邊關系不斷發展,形成了持久、互利的友好關系。我們對海上挑戰有著共同的看法,并同意建立一個合作框架來應對這些挑戰。我們兩國之間的海上聯系進一步加強,防務合作不斷深化。兩國海軍聯合演習“Konkan,”是海上合作的基石。英國一直是我們在北大西洋的首選停靠港。今年晚些時候,印度軍艦將前往英國參加“Konkan 19”演習。”

First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sir Philip Jones hailed the leadership role played by the Royal Navy alongside the Indian Navy.


"There are obvious similarities between our two navies - a shared outlook, common goals, very clear intentions for the future, reflected in ambitious shipbuilding programmes and maritime innovation programmes.

"Britain and India are both in the list of top 10 economies and those powerful economies are built on a bedrock of global maritime trade," he said.


Lanba will also hold talks with the UK chief of defence staff as well as visit the Naval Base in Portsmouth for a tour of the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier as part of the India-UK Carrier Capability Partnership.


Britain is likely to exit the 28-member European Union (EU) on March 29 following a referendum in favour of Brexit by nearly 52 per cent to 48 per cent in June 2016.


However, the process has not been smooth with embattled Prime Minister Theresa May suffering yet another crushing Parliament defeat over Brexit when MPs overwhelmingly rejected her plan to quit the EU, plunging the country into a further period of political uncertainty just 17 days before its divorce from the bloc.




譯文來源:三泰虎 http://www.fjstf.live/47205.html   譯者:Jessica.Wu


Prashant Adhya - 1 day ago -Follow

Here is a quick comparison

China miltary budget is 228 Billion while India is 55 Billion. China has 300 nuclear heads while India has 130. India has 2000 army planes while China has 5000 army planes. China have 100 Submarines while India have 15. China has 4 million army personnel while India has 3 million

So can we win against China?









Satheesan Ragh - 1 day ago -Follow

If We need to build strong naval force only if we have strong and good scam free govt and works for nation. So People of India should think all of this in their mind while casting vote



pram - Location - 1 day ago -Follow

Corrupt politicians of Hindusthan cannot do anything. Hindus just wait for a great leader.



Rajeev Lamb - 1 day ago -Follow

We need to buy attack frigates and destroyers, submarine hunters, submarines and at least 1 aircraft carrier asap from UK or any other country in a sail-away position . NOW!! ALSO, We need 1000''s of armed Drones also asap, not to mention fighter planes. Lots of them. At least 200 to begin with.



Jai Bharat - 2 days ago -Follow

China''s growing presence in south china and Indian sea is growing danger for entire region.



Indian Abroad - 1 day ago -Follow

China cannot be allowed to be a World Leader. The sooner the rest of the World unite and bring down China the better.



TP - USA - 1 day ago

This country''s investment more temples,mosques,churches and over population. Just stop producing babies put god behind and use your head before this country again become a slave nation.



Krish - india - 1 day ago -Follow

And bus$$rd opposition trying to further weaken the country.



Rajeev Lamb - 1 day ago -Follow

The word challenge is an understatement. Imminent Threat is a better word. I dont know why this immense threat is downplayed. India should move the UN to have China ousted from the Security Council, as it is not fit to be in it.



Jnknws - Timbaktu - 2 days ago -Follow

No point in keeping just a close look. We need to build our naval capabilities at a very fast pace to counter them. Naval assets provide deterrence, not just watching them.


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