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波音將在737 MAX軟件升級中添加標準化的安全功能

 Boeing to offer safety feature as standard in 737 MAX software upgrade

波音將在737 MAX軟件升級中添加標準化的安全功能


WASHINGTON/JAKARTA: Boeing Co plans to offer as standard a safety feature that might have warned earlier of problems that possibly played a role in the crashes of Ethiopian and Indonesian planes that killed almost 350 people, two officials briefed on the matter said on Thursday.


Boeing will mandate a previously optional cockpit warning light as part of a software update to the 737 MAX fleet that was grounded in the wake of the fatal crashes, said the officials, who asked not to be identified.

這些不愿具名的官員稱,波音將強制要求安裝一個此前為可選的駕駛艙警示燈,作為此次737 MAX機群軟件升級的一部分。737 MAX機群在致命墜機事件發生后停飛。

The March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 on board has set off one of the widest inquiries in aviation history and cast a shadow over the Boeing MAX model intended to be a standard for decades.


Initial investigations show similarities between the Ethiopian crash and the Indonesian accident in October that killed all 189 crew and passengers. A direct link between the crashes has not been proven, but attention has focused on an automated flight-control system, MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), that came into service two years ago with the MAX.


Chicago-based Boeing, which the officials said also will retrofit older planes with the cockpit warning light, previously offered the alert, but it was not required by aviation regulators.


It is unclear how long it will take Boeing to refit existing MAX planes with new software or hardware. Experts said it could take weeks or months to be done, and for regulators to review and approve the changes. Regulators in Europe and Canada have said they will conduct their own reviews of any new systems.


The FAA has said installation of the new software and related training was a priority.


Boeing did not immediately comment on the plan to make the safety feature standard.



譯文來源:三泰虎 http://www.fjstf.live/47266.html   譯者:Jessica.Wu


KAMAL - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing must compensate the families of deceased and replace the software immediately after thorough checking and validation to facilitate the normalcy to return



Mohan Kumar - Bengaluru - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing should have asked for grounding the planes voluntarily after hearing the Lion air black box recordings. When a pilot says, they cannot recover the plane in flight, it should be a serious problem. 157 more lives lost



sarkaar - India - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing for the sake of money don''t sell such airlines where humans life''s are lost in such a horrible way where loved ones are lost in a flash , please make safety standards priority and then earn money



Ravindra - 4 days ago -Follow

Mind you, Boeing will ultimately have to pay a huge price in form of loss of goodwill and revenues due to playing with safety and it's gaffs.....AirBus Industrie will be the biggest winner..... Europe wins and America loses.....it also paves way for Chinese and Brazilian aircraft manufacturers to tap market...



Mohan K - Hyderabad - 4 days ago -Follow

So India action of grounding the Boeing 737 MAX has prompted the company to take corrective actions. Ofcourse India is the big customer for Boeing.

因此,印度停飛波音737 MAX的行動促使該公司采取糾正措施。印度可是波音的大客戶。


Speaking honestly - 4 days ago -Follow

Even planes come with optional features!!!!! Amazing!!

就連飛機也有可選功能!!不可思議! !


Umesh - 4 days ago -Follow

Looks that Max model is basically using Efficient Engine which will would save at least 10 % fuel cost...this was a big saving for airlines and Max was loaded with many orders.



Pais Hilary - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing is a cheat and known to be corrupt and gets approval from the FDA to pressure tactics, lobbying and bribes. The Indonesian and its European go nments and all the relatives of passengers and crew who have lost their lives due to this fraud by Boeing should sue the company both in the United States and in their respective countries. Boeing has been getting away



Modi Manmohan Bhai Bhai - Bharat - 4 days ago -Follow

I don''t think anyone will buy MAX anymore. The model got killed due to Boeing''s greed and miscalculation.



Spamonymous - Tristan da Cunha - 4 days ago -Follow

Let Boeing pay 10MUSD per killed person as compensation. Clearly they sold a faulty product to unsuspecting airlines.



Louis Fernandes - 4 days ago -Follow

Too little too late. Boeing should have acted immediately after the Lion Air crash. Getting public confidence up again is a tall order.

No one will want to fly in a 737 MAX 8. Besides with all the lawsuits piling up and the cancelled orders, will Boeing still be up and running?


沒有人會想乘坐737max 8。此外,隨著訴訟堆積如山,訂單被取消,波音還能繼續運營嗎?


Muthu - 4 days ago -Follow

Feku has given order for 36 Rafale Max. Built by someone who just Escaped jail. Bhakts are dancing and dancing.



leladhar44 - Kuwait - 4 days ago -Follow

SHOCKING safety features are being supplied as EXTRA add on. This situation would not have existed if they were MANDATORY in the first place.



Strong Voice - 4 days ago -Follow

-If this safety feature was so crucial then why was it optional?

- if this plane as different flight control than old 737, then why is it branded as 737. it confuses pilots

- why wasnt plane grounded whe pilots were alrwady reporting issues globally


money matters







Strong Voice - 4 days ago -Follow

Very funny - on one side they say they are still investigating and on the other already fixing their software and machine



Noname - Doha(Qatar) - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing should take full resposiblity of all creshes, then it should fix the issue.



Bharat Kumar Saikia - 4 days ago -Follow

Basic design Flaws cannot be compensated by software or software upgradation.



Anil Thakur - 4 days ago -Follow

Thats fine but what about 300 lives lost because of the faulty plane ...... Who will compensate them - why there''s no class action suite against Boeing till now

This company must shut down for taking away precious lives just because they were more worried about their profits and not safety




Thibishka - 4 days ago -Follow

No where i heard any penalty for boeing and how such big company could make error in soft where? any case filled?



Truth is Bitter - Bharath - 4 days ago -Follow

Crony Capitalism .. No Ethics ... Killing People .... Telling Lies ....



J - 4 days ago -Follow

This is ridiculous. How can safety measures be an optional paid feature in an aircraft which carries 100's of passengers.



Parthasarathy - 4 days ago -Follow

Why Boeing was not sued for failure to provide safety features?



Hassam Jussab - 4 days ago -Follow

Dont accept give all planes back to boeing and claim penalties



Abhishek - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing should be sued by the families of those killed because of their criminal negligence. How can they continue like this for so long and play with the lives of innocent passengers and even cabin staff. Governments should also penalise them.



Sandeep Vilambil - Dubai, United Arab Emira - 4 days ago -Follow

It takes 357 people to die and two airplanes crash in a short span of time for this company to wake up from its slumber and fix the so called software upgrade.The pilots are blamed to airline companies safety records are questioned in a desperate bid to pass the buck and save themselves.



Maha - Mumbai - 4 days ago -Follow

Boeing to supply sophisticated life jacket to passengers.


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