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 Air India non-stop from Delhi lands safely in San Francisco with 'cut' in door; probe ordered



NEW DELHI: An Air India Boeing 777 has been grounded in San Francisco (SFO) after a “cut” was discovered in the area just below a door, on arrival there from Delhi. The flight AI 183 landed safely and the airline is investigating how and where did the area below door (L2) get damaged.

新德里:印度航空公司一架波音777客機從德里抵達舊金山時,在艙門下方區域發現一處“切口”,目前該客機降落在舊金山。這架AI 183航班已安全著陸,航空公司正在調查L2號門下方區域是如何受損的以及在何處受損的。

Fortunately, there was no cabin de-pressurisation on the Delhi-SFO flight-- one of the longest non-stops in the world in terms of distance flown. While some sources claimed there was a hissing sound coming from the door, the airline said the same is not possible since cabin pressurisation was maintained throughout the flight.


AI spokesman Dhananjay Kumar said: “The B777 aircraft, VT-ALH, arrived in SFO as AI 183. During walk around inspection on arrival, a small cut/crack on bottom right corner of left side 2 entry door was observed. AI is trying to get help from the local aircraft maintenance repair agencies.”

印度航空發言人Dhananjay Kumar表示:“這架B777 VT-ALH飛機為AI 183航班,已抵達舊金山。巡行檢查時,發現左側2號門右下角有小切口。印度航空正試圖從當地的飛機維修機構獲得幫助。”

A senior AI engineering official said: “As of now whatever I am saying is prima facie and preliminary. The aircraft door was not damaged before departure from Delhi. Engineering did not do any work on this door. Aircraft boarding in Delhi took place using an aerobridge so no question of this being damaged before departure.”


“But there is a damage and we are investigating where and how could this have taken place. There is no report of hissing sound coming from the door and there was no cabin de-pressurisation,” the engineering official added.


The aircraft VT-ALH, Boeing 777-200 long range (LR), aircraft took off from Delhi as AI 183 on Sunday (June 2) at 5.15 pm and landed in SFO at 8.09 pm same day (all timings local) after taking the Pacific route. The non-stop flight covered the 15,000-km distance in 15.5 hours.

這架波音777-200 VT-ALH遠程(LR)飛機于周日(6月2日)下午5時15分從德里起飛,當天下午8時09分(當地時間)在飛越太平洋航線后降落在舊金山。直飛航程為15000公里,用時15.5小時。


譯文來源:三泰虎 http://www.fjstf.live/47773.html


Sumeet • 19 hours ago

It happens only with Air India...


rkromny• 271 • Sumeet choudhary • 18 hours ago

What piggg ? U dont keep up with news ? Read up on horrors of other airlines. Meanwhile stick to usung camel for ur travels. Hahahahhahabbaba



Vajasrava • 19 hours ago

I travelled couple of times by AI from Delhi to New Jersey direct, food was superb so do seating. Overall enjoyed.



Suresh Chopra • 19 hours ago

Air India has made a much bigger ‘hole’ in Indian tax payers pocket !



Ramanathan Gopalakrishnan • Ambattur • 19 hours ago

Thanks heavens, i never travel by Air India!



Ramanathan Gopalakrishnan • 17 hours ago

Try Air France , then you would always want to fly AI



Sangpo Aghontsang • 20 hours ago

Holy molly !! I am flying from SFO to New Delhi next month on this same flight . Hope it wont happen again

天啊! !我下個月將乘坐這趟航班從舊金山飛往新德里。希望這種事不要再發生


Sangpo Aghontsang • USA • 14 hours ago

You are too stupid if you still fly with the "Flying Casket" called Air India.



John Nash • 19 hours ago

One of the Worst Airlines from India ... Because of no accountability... As no one will get fired



Dhananjay Bhide • 17 hours ago

The food and seating in AI is presently far better than any other airline.



Yogesh • Location • 17 hours ago

All the employees involved with the security and the maintenance of this plane must be dismissed from the jobs



Alex Motilalrkfromny • Tamil Nadu • 17 hours ago

Can't even happen in dream.



Dilip • 19 hours ago

Cant be damaged in Midair the aerobridge is only option causing the damage or the catering truck which dock the door to access the airplane



Dravidian • Toronto • 17 hours ago

emirates and etihad are the best airlines along with Singapore airlines and Cathay pacific



Aaaa Bbbb • 18 hours ago

For a national airline of one of the most prominent and largest countries of the world, Air India is a disgrace to our great nation!!



Kartik • 19 hours ago

Hole is small and could have been plugged by stuffing with plastic bags.



Jose Dias • Goa • 19 hours ago

Bird strike, Thunderbolt, meteorite strike



Debasish • Hyderabad • 19 hours ago

This airline managed by untrained staff anf bunch of idiots as pilots...absolutely, hazardous for travellers ...snd it’s funded helplessly by we taxpayers...



peace • peace • new delhi • 19 hours ago

This is not the first time, they had this, Looks like AI like to stay in news for one or other reason. Security lapse in AI is a daily phenomena.



Vijay Naidu • Location • 17 hours ago

India should make a quick decision whether they should continue to operate Air India.



aaaa bbbb • 17 hours ago

Air India should be very careful. The incompetent go nment employees should be sacked immediately.



Shankarnarayan Sarma • Ghaziabad(UP) • 19 hours ago

This is so sad. Air Safety team should validate.



DSR • 20 hours ago

Umm, has this damage occured during the course of travel



Devendra Sood • USA • 14 hours ago

Air India better known as "The flying Casket" in the Air Lines World



Mahesh • 20 hours ago

All are safe. that's good.



Berain Walia • 13 hours ago

I don''t know why criticize air india. We need to promote india airlines. If we give feedback to them sure they will improve



Haneef Yousuf • Mangalore • 17 hours ago

Modi will say small whole no problem cover chewing gum !



Jeetendra • bang on the floor • 19 hours ago

air india is the bullock cart of the air industry.....



DSR • 20 hours ago

Good to know that flight got landed



DSR • 20 hours ago

Due to the heavy wind even the light part which is weak would have got damaged



Gaana User• 260 • Gaana • 6 hours ago

taxpayers money getting wasted on AI... no one is held responsible... why


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